Today is Penguin Budo’s 1st Birthday

Its been 1 year already.

I would like to thank my daughter Kayla for all of her hard work instructing classes with me, and I would like to thank all of my students for making my role as teacher so rewarding.

Sensei Brad Palmer and Sensei Kayla Palmer of Penguin Budo Children grading at penguin Budo Adult gradings at Penguin Budo Little Flipper success at Penguin Budo

I am proud and honored to see how students have embraced their aikido training and to watch their progress.

The photos show a year full of new directions, gradings, new affiliations and most of all fun. I am looking forward to what the next year will bring.

A unique Blend of modern and traditional martial arts





Penguin Budo group shat at the windmill Penguin Aikido youth students showing off what they learned from Sensei Colin Grading cupcakes - Yum

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See you at the dojo.
Brad Palmer Sensei

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