Open Mat Martial Arts visiting Penguin Aikido

Penguin Aikido is proud to be hosting Sensei Colin Niland from Open Mat Martial Arts on Wednesday 8th of June, during the Youth and Adult classes.

Sensei Niland and I went through our Black Belt journey together in Perth WA at West Coast Aikido Academy.  Journeys like this create life long bonds, and I am really looking forward to this great teacher and friend coming to Tasmania to visit and train.

Sensei Brad Palmer and Sensei Colin Niland

Sensei Niland has a wealth of experience having attained high ranks in a variety of Martial Arts including Aikido, Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Karate.  It will be a valuable opportunity for the students of Penguin Aikido to train with Sensei Niland, and I encourage everyone to attend.  Also if you have a friend or family member who you think may enjoy this opportunity please contact me to arrange a booking, for existing students of Penguin Aikido there is no extra charge.

See you at the dojo.

Sensei Palmer


  1. Stuart Broadley

    Awesome! Im sure everyone will have a great experience learning from Sensei Niland! He has a lot to offer. Sensei Palmer and Sensei Niland together also make a great team and i know it will be an amazing class.

  2. I used to train with Colin here in the UK, he comes to train at at club when he visits. I can thoroughly recommend you take this opportunity to learn from such an experienced teacher. He has a vast amount of knowledge in the arts. Master Paul Pears 5th Dan, Tang Soo Do.

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