Open Mat Martial Arts Visit

I believe it is important to show students aspects of other martial arts and in Aikido I strongly believe in teaching correct striking techniques, as how can you defend against a strike if you cant throw one yourself.
On June 8th Penguin Aikido was lucky to have a visit from Sensei Colin Niland of Open Mat Martial Arts.  Sensei Colin came to Tasmania for a brief holiday and was happy to host a free seminar for all Penguin Aikido Students.

Sensei Colin is a long time friend and training partner of mine, and has vast experience in a number of martial arts, I was honored to have him take the class.   All of the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and left the seminar with a greater understanding  of the kicking techniques that Open Mat Martial Arts teaches.  I hope that he will return again one day.

I also am hoping to get other guest instructors to Penguin Aikido in the future.

All the Best.

Sensei Palmer



  1. Matt Olney

    Love what you’re doing Brad. I’m sure it’s hard work, but it looks enjoyable. :D:mrgreen:👍

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