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“Budo is full of such opposite concepts. Movement in stillness, stillness in movement. In motion, yet immovable. They sound like Zen koans. But with our bodies, we gain clear understanding of such ideas. We forge such a body, and such a mind, rather than simply trying to learn techniques.”         Seigo Yamaguchi 

Here at Ka Riu Aikido, we encourage our students to look past the techniques, to not be seduced by the beauty of the choreography, but to try to gain an awareness of the concepts that underpin all techniques.

The techniques are but an expression of our respective understanding of our Aikido. So, here we endeavour to learn and to share the Aikido of O’Sensei.

We are part of the organisation of Aikido Yuishinkai . The head of the Aikido Yuishinkai is Master Koretoshi Maruyama, he is based in Japan.

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Maruyama’s Sensei states that:

I am mind itself.

If I hold positive thoughts in my mind, good things are likely to happen.

Holding negative thoughts in my mind works against my best interests.

Therefore, even if my body suffers physically, my mind remains optimistic.

Even if I encounter obstacles, my mind is never defeated.

Daily I fill my heart with thoughts of joy, gratitude and hope.

I face each new day with a bright and optimistic spirit,

which I express in word and deed.

I have faith in life, and life responds in kind.

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