Tasmania currently has two instructors dedicated to teaching Gyokushin Ryu Aikido in the north west of Tasmania.

Sensei Brad Palmer

Sensei Brad Palmer - Penguin Budo North West Tasmania

Founder of Penguin Budo School in the town of Penguin Tasmania.
I love the community I have found in here, and I am driven to create a truly community focused martial arts school.

Gyokushin Ryu Aikido that has its roots in Yoseikan Budo, and my goal is to bring more than just martial arts training to Penguin.

My Shodan was attained at a small Yoseikan dojo in the northern suburbs of Perth Western Australia.  I received my Nidan from Washizu Terumi Kancho at the Gyokushin Ryu Aikido Hombu dojo.

Continuing my training with Sensei Marshall, Sensei Atkas and Sensei Niland gives me a great mix of tradition martial arts and self defense skills.  I also have experience in coaching a variety of sports at junior and senior levels helps me deliver a martial arts class that is enjoyable for students of all ages.

I also believe in keeping fit, so there is a fitness component to all of my classes. Utilizing body weight & mobility exercises I not only keep you in shape for Aikido but also for your day to day life.

Sensei Kayla Palmer

Kayla Palmer - Penguin Budo North West TasmaniaKayla has studied Aikido since she was 7 and is the Assistant Instructor for the Penguin Budo school.

Kayla recently graded to Shodan by Washizu Terumi Kancho at the Gyokushin Ryu Aikido Hombu dojo

Having already given so much to the art of Aikido at such a young age Sensei Kayla is able to bring so much energy to every class she runs from Little Flippers to Adults.Save

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